The real-time link between the retailer’s POS System and the POCKETvouchers platform is the ‘magic' that enables us to measurability and insightfully ‘close the loop’ between brand engagement (when a voucher is requested and sent) and brand sales (when a voucher is redeemed in store):


POCKETvouchers can come in the form of:

Text Messages

Gift Vouchers

Email Vouchers

App Rewards

3rd Party Vouchers

The one thing these vouchers have in common, and the essence of POCKETvouchers, is the unique 'one-use-only' numerical voucher codes.


POCKETvouchers are sent via our POCKETvouchers platform*. We can send (‘Push’) the voucher to a pre-existing database of consumers, produce a batch of codes for printing on physical gift vouchers, or have the POCKETvouchers sent (‘Pulled’) when a consumer texts a brand key word or unique entry code to 393.

Download a PDF of our case studies here (4.8mb)

*Voucher codes can also be issued by a 3rd party that wishes to use only our redemption services, or an agency who might be managing and/or building a brand engagement piece and wishes to manage the allocation of voucher codes via their own platform (simply connects via our API). On-going platform partners are:

Download a PDF of our allocation API here (2.5mb)



POCKETvouchers are redeemed by way of the fact that each and every voucher carries a unique numerical code that holds redemption logic such as:

Maximum Value

Expiry Date

Defined Total


This unique code is then redeemed, verified and reported in REAL-TIME via our ‘redemption plug-in’ we’ve embedded into a retailer’s Point of Sale system (POS). Redemption of a POCKETvoucher is as easy as using EFTPOS for payment.

POCKETvouchers & POS

We’ve integrated with many POS systems across New Zealand (see below) and have the technical ability to integrate with any other POS systems (and online shopping carts) there are in the market.


Cloud Infinity 

Menu Mate 

POS Perfect 

Swift POS 

Wiz Bang 

To understand how your POS system can be integrated with POCKETvouchers, you can download PDF's about our Allocation API and Integration.


We have a real-time view on all voucher sends and redemptions. Measurability is an all-important insight to consumer and customer engagement. The unique numerical code on each POCKETvoucher enables:

Maximum Value

Single/Limited Use

Elimination of
Fraud Risk

Seamless Stock &
Cash Management

Easy Post-Campaign
Discount Settlement

Detailed Consumer Insight & Analysis

We can track the path of each and every voucher code from the time it is sent to the time it is redeemed in-store,
 therefore measuring both marketing and sales!


We enable our clients to ‘close the loop’ between ‘external’ consumer brand engagement and then in-store voucher redemption (whilst capturing any additional money spent).